Finally, the moment you have been so patiently waiting for, the results.

Wetsuit Results


Here’s my interperatation of the above.  I can see a significant speed increase with a wetsuit.  No question there.  Within the wetsuit category it starts to get a little tighter.  I think depending on the water temp there is a valid reason for owning different suits.  I know I need to test the new Helix again as I don’t think it’s fair to only have worn it one time.  For fun, and to put a mechanical value on those speed increases, I used my Swim Skin and a pair of Hand Paddles to see what kind of time I could get.  Those times for two laps avg’d out to 5:09, so that means to me that a wetsuit is like wearing a pair of hand paddles and then some! 

I will update these times if I find a significant time change in the near future.  I also “plan” on keeping this spreadsheet updated with more splits as the time goes on just to see if these numbers hold up statistically for ME.

This was fun.  Thanks for checking it out.

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