Swim Skin

Next up; Blue Seventy Swim Skin (year unknown, I think 2007 or 2008)


This is as best I can describe it,a rubber shell.  It’s made to reduce drag while not supplying buoyancy.  This particular suit was purchased as a result of regulations in some events that are not wetsuit legal that only allow short legs (above the kneed) and no arms.  This test was the 3rd time I had ever worn it.  The 2nd being a few days prior at a race.  My time during this test was consistent with that race, which made me feel good with my testing.  The results for this one, as expected, were favorable.  I was able to swim faster at the same RPE.  The temperature in this suit was very similar to that of the speedo only.  I suspect this is the result of the very thin material that doesn’t entirely prevent water from getting passed at the neck and arms.  Definitely my “Go To” in any race that isn’t wetsuit legal, no question!