sleeveless reaction

Next in the line up; 2012 Blue Seventy Sleeveless Reaction wetsuit:


Now we are getting into buoyancy as well as heat retention and range of motion issues.  First off,ANY wetsuit designed for swimming (not a surf/scuba suit) is going to provide some level of buoyancy which to MOST swimmer will greatly improve your position in the water which aids good form and increases your efficiency.  For ME a wetsuit also adds a great deal of HEAT retention.  Another thing is range of motion in your shoulders.  This sleeveless design works very well for me and I’m very happy to have it in my arsenal.  It kept me from getting too hot at the test site which is warm at the moment.  Having no sleeves keeps your arms free to move and of course keeps a great deal of skin exposed to the water for cooling.  This suit is going to be my “race director is scared to call the swim non-wetsuit legal but the water is entirely too warm for a wetsuit,wetsuit”