Last suit; 2012 Blue Seventy Helix Full Sleeved wetsuit:


The moment I’ve been waiting for.  I have the fastest suit available and I took it out for its first swim this morning.  Hind sight note,I should have pre-soaked the suit to aid in it’s flexibility but I was just too excited to try it out.  This suit has VERY thin arms compared to its previous version.  In fact the suit’s inside of the forearm is almost a lycra material that isn’t rubber at all.  The back of the arms is a super thin neoprene material.  I was excited to see if this helped with heat.  The results I have from this ONE swim in this suit are mixed at the moment and I am going to be revisiting this suit on Wednesday this week.  The issue I had was with not having presoaked this suit so it would fit a little better.  The shoulders were tight as well as the arms.  The legs and midsection were perfect,but getting the arms on took a long time,partly due to the thin material and me not wanting to rip it.  The swim after a handful of strokes was moderately fine as the material started to get more flexible.  Like the old Helix this suit has a great deal of buoyancy in the legs and keeps you very level while swimming.  The arms and that new material really do a great job of keeping you cool(er) than previously.  I could actually feel the temperature of the water on my forearms which was welcomed.  The material didn’t seem to let water into the suit to make your arms heavy,just allowed the heat to transfer out.  At the end of this swim I was tired and hot,but I wasn’t nearly as hot as I was with the previous Helix.  But check the times…. Hmmmm.