Helix 2009

Number four in the line up; 2009 Blue Seventy Helix Full Sleeve:

This has been my only suit for the past few years not only because it was expensive and I’m too cheap to replace something that is still in 100% functional condition,but because it was very successful for me.  I purchased this suit new at the beginning of the 2009 season and had great success from the moment I put it on vs. my 2007 reaction full sleeved (which I still need to test).  This suit is fast and has been proven so by more than just yours truly.  This suit has a great range of motion in the shoulders by design thanks to different thicknesses of material.  The issue I had for my testing was that of over heating.  When you look at the times on the results list below you will see what I mean.  The first lap was FAST,Very fast!  It didn’t take too long though for the heat to build up to a point of uncomfortable.  I feel this greatly affected my next 3 laps for this test.  The buoyancy is head to toe on this suit as the arms are a fairly thick material.  This also contributes to the heat.  One feature I LOVE on this suit is the zipper.  To unzip this suit you pull UP on the Zipper string which makes things a great deal easier when exiting the water.  This swim left me overheated for sure.  I was even having some issues during the swim that I could tell were affecting my thinking.  Certainly NOT a wetsuit legal swim temperature.