As mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago I now finally have some figures to work with.  Before I post them I think I will get out of the way all the potential chances for error with this test.  I will say though,that all the suits I tested were done so in exactly the same fashion right down to the same amount of coffee drank before each swim J


Possible errors:

  • Sighting.  While the sighting at this location is pretty straight forward and I landed on nearly the exact spot on most of these trips across the pond, I’m sure they weren’t as straight as they could be.  Possible solution? 2000’ of rope to string a lane line.  I’ve been shopping
  • Temperature.  Water that is warm enough to swim in a speedo only is definitely too warm to be swimming in a full sleeve wetsuit.  I should revisit this test later/earlier in the season when the water is colder to compare times.
  • Fatigue/fitness.   Swimming is a unique sport where a couple days in the water generally results in faster times.  I’m sure there was some of this but I have been swimming consistently enough to think this is limited.  On the opposing side of things I didn’t forgo my other training and though I had a full nights rest between swims I’m sure the exercise induced fatigue was a contributing factor to the margin of error.  Perhaps a swim only focus for the next test?
  • Outliers The first lap for me seems to be the fastest.  This is pretty standard even in the pool for me, but it also creates some outliers.  In the results I did an average of just the last 3 laps as well just for comparison. 
  • Motivation.  Two different motivations here.  One, I was motivated to see an improvement between the different suits.  This leads me to think of the ‘placebo’ affect where I wanted one suit to be faster than the other and perhaps swam harder.  I will say I swam hard for all the suits and EACH day I though I swam hard.  I consider this Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to be a positive result.  The second motivation was simply getting out there.  Swimming is tiring, training is tiring, 5:30am is early, I am human.
  • Human.  I have to admit, I’m human.  There is no way for me to account for the inconsistencies that come from being human.  There are simply too many factors that can present themselves as areas of concern.  With more testing runs and/or more folks testing I’m sure the variables could become background noise for the overall results.  But I don’t have that many suits and testers…… yet.


I’m sure there are more variables that could be accounted for but this being an unfunded for fun and curiosity testing,I’m not going to get too worried about it.


Ok now the fun part.