I will give a little background on this race #2 complete with excuses.

To begin with, the second race was the result of the first race.  And the first race was the result of the guy I raced in the second race…… in short, $hit talkin’!

The guy I was racing was the previous local hero with an epic time of 6:53!  Mind you this guy runs sub 5 for the mile, is going to be 50 this year, and is a 2:28 marathoner.  I am, as seen in the video, NOT a sub 5:00 in the mile guy, NOT 50 (31), and faaaaaarrrrr from a 2:28 marathoner (3:19pr). 

The last (my first) race was me telling him how I could CRUSH HIS DREAMS in the beer mile.  He called me out, I stepped up and went 6:44 (with a total of 1:07 or so worth of beer time).  He was out of town for the first race.

This guy, Jim Derrick, doesn’t like being second place for anything, so he called a head to head match up.  Mano Y Mano.  I, like any man that just had his manhood put in question, accepted his request for the dual.  But first, I had an Ironman to finish so we had to put off the event for a couple weeks.  The Sunday after IMAZ/Thanksgiving was to be the day that would live in infamy.

On this Sunday we exchanged our MANY pre race excuses. (I just did an ironman, I ate 20#s of turkey/stuffing, I haven’t done any speed work, I’m having hernia surgery next week, blah blah blah)

{cue video}

I had a bad first ‘pour’ with the air bubble in by gut.  This made putting 3 more beers into an already full belly and explosion waiting to happen.  On the start of the 4th lap, it did.  I had to run an extra lap.  I think my time was something like 9minutes or so.  I don’t remember I was too “sour grapes” by then.

The champ is Jim, but my record still stands at the moment.  So this spring we have vowed to hold the event again.  We even have a trophy now thanks to my short term sponsor Michelob Ultra!