Pizza and wing for dinner with loads of “how was your first day of school” conversation.  I will admit it’s pretty cool to hear those little guys sounding so happy to tell me about their day. 

After engorging myself on dinner I hopped on the trainer for a solid 45mintues and worked that out.  showed Ericka how to glue a tubie……mmmmmm sniffing glue.

This morning had me late to the pool after sleeping in to 5:45 (slacker I know)  walked in the door and was asked by the lifeguard to “show this lady how this works”  basically i had to show this lady where the correct door to the pool was and then basically hold her hand as we walked the 12′ to the pool door, the whole time she was looking around seemingly memorizing this impossible labyrinth that is the corridor to the pool.  after turning right and taking the two steps, THAT SHE COUNTED OUTLOUD, i then told her to just follow the smell of chlorine for the next 5′ to the door.  Wow, that was interesting.

Any way, met up with Winnky and he said he had an “awesome set” that we were going to be doing.  what the hey, sounds like a non thinking day for me.  i like those days.  This awesome set turned out to be fairly simple….. ok, really simple.  

20×125 (2:00) 

so we through a little mixture into the works with the first ten being 25 stroke, 100 free.  IM order so it looked like this:

  •   25fly,100free     
  • 25free,25back,75free    
  •    50free, 25br, 50fr      

after those ten we put on some hand paddles (my favorite when i start to slow and get tired) and did the last 10 as straight freestyle 

I love that having been a swimmer on and off i could take his clock time of 2:00 and do a quick bit of math and determine what the ‘rest’ times were going to be.  either way the stroke ones were on 1:41’s and the straight free’s were 1:33’s  

weird thing was, as Winnky was showing signs of fatigue as the set wore on, I became even more relaxed.  it was one of those mornings where you just wished you could keep going.

Well, off to work.