Tuesday started off with a swim again much the same as monday’s
The difference came from the 50’s were exchanged for 75’s
The feel for the water comes back nicely.

The kicker was Tuesday night….. and the Battle at the Battelfield

I think it was 6 of us again starting the Tuesday night circuit. I had ridden down to the group ride and enjoyed some strong tailwinds that made me feel like a rock star….. this would change.

We set out over J-hill at a neutral pace to make sure we were all together at the start and thoroughly warmed up. The ‘race’ starts somewhere on the flat just after the downhill turn at 40mph+ This always lends itself to a strong start.

Tonight had Jeremy (resident Cat2) deciding he wanted to go off the front leaving the 5 of us to chase. This was great, if you like the flavor of blood in your mouth! We chased and caught through the tailwind rolling downhill portion that is the first ~4-5miles or so. After the turn up the new Onieda Rd, it’s uphill AND a lovely STRONG headwind. Boy, lets just say I need to shed some mass! As soon as the road kicks up a notch, I attacked off the back harder than anyone! Thank fully I was able to dig in and catch back on for the next few miles of rolling uphill/headwind. The pace never really dipping below 20mph even as we were gaining elevation. Finally we made the turn onto J-hill again and I got dropped like a rusty nail! I was pushing with all (ok most) of my might to keep the guys in view over the top. I was last over the top, but close enough to use my descending skills to drag 2 of the remaining other 5 back in. In fact I blew by them with a head full of steam and closed in on the next 2 of 3. I lost my steam and never could close the gap. After a few miles of pushing on my own I soft pedaled long enough to let the two behind to latch on. From there is was working together to try and close the gap, which we never did do but it didn’t get any bigger. One last turn up J-hill and we popped one of our group of three leaving me and Dave. I was able to keep the pressure on him all the way up the main section to the first kicker. I popped him there and tried to keep my head down for the hill top finish. I let up too much though as he tried to come around me in the last few feet. I think at the line I still maintained my spot at 4th but it’s only training so who’s counting :)

After a short talk of the ride we headed home…. well, I headed home with another 10 miles of straight into the freezing headwind from hell. At the end of this night, I’m pretty sure there was another nail in my coffin.