It’s been an interesting week in the life of Tim Andrus.  While I wish I could fully disclose all of it here, I will just say “whoa, that was quick”


Anywho, training for anything has been hit or miss (mostly seems like miss) lately due to laziness and business.


Friday I think I might have ran or biked or something, I don’t remember really.


I know that Saturday I spent the entire day at the pool without ever setting foot in the water.  We had a swim meet and boy did that take a lifetime!  I left at 5pm after getting there at 8:45am.  Nice day off.  I finally sold a set of Rims from the old suburban which always shocks me that I can buy wheels and tires for a CAR and spend less than just wheels for my bike.  Crazy.  This led to chicken wings and beer and not much else.


Sunday was a little better as I at least convinced someone out there to meet me for a run.  We managed 7.7 miles with some elevation.  If you are familiar with the Catherine Valley Trail that exists in the Millport, NY area, then I suggest to you a detour of sorts.  I won’t tell you WHY, but I highly reccomend running up the road named “New Rd” that parallels the trail (you actually run across it at one point).  While I have known about this road for years and its special feature I forget that many out there do not know its awesomeness.  Bring a camera, a photographic memory or just come back at the changing of the seasons. It’s pretty cool, and it’s the only ‘road’ around here that I’ve found with this feature.



Monday had the pool closed which made for sleeping in and a happy Timmy.  Monday night I managed to somehow convince Ace and Axl to do a trainer workout with me.  Workout #4 of the Chris Carmichael Power something or rather series.  Those little guys were excited to get on their trainers which are just home made forks stands and rollers with adjustable resistance.  With the exception of the Wahoo Kickr and the (now defunct) Lemond revolution, this is the easiest solution to a trainer for a kid.

The rollers are both Minoura Rollers with adjustable magnetic resistance units and I recommend them if you are in the market and can find some!  I found one of mine on CL and stumbled upon another from a co-worker.  Each were ~$60 so shopping helps!

Minoura Mag Rollers


This is what the boys look like riding in their Rev3 shorts.  They took off their jerseys before we started the 3rd 10min interval.  Those little guys are hard workers!

  • 10min wu
  • 2min fast pedal
  • 3x10min steady states with changing cadence (4min recovery).
  • 10min cool down



For once the kids weren’t running around ‘karate chopping” the crap out of each other that night.  I think we need to bring the rollers in the house more often!

Tuesday the pool was open and I had 5 swimmers putting in the yardage at 5:30am.  I decided to join in for a set.  I put the clock on 1:30 and set it for 15.  I led the lane doing 100’s while they did a mixture of 50’s and 75’s.  It’s nice to see the parts of their strokes you can’t quite see while standing on the deck.  Bummer is trying to convey this to them in the span of 12 seconds and still catch your breath before the next repeat.

Another evening lost to ‘other’ stuff so my run was aborted, but I did manage to try a new beer.  I can’t recall the name, but it’s dark, tasty and WICKED strong!  One glass and I was ‘pie eyed’ and ready for a nap, so I had half a glass more just to be sure.  I was sure.

Wednesday has so far started out extremely cold -2*f, so one of those days where you wish for the numbers to go ‘down’ before they go up.  The pool was great and my swimmers are coming along quite nicely.  I on the other hand feel like a dead weight in the water anymore.  Maybe I need to clone myself and stand on the deck and yell at me?

That’s enough jibberish out of my finger tips for now.  Perhaps I will write some more stuff while I fly to Denve/Boulder tomorrow for a Rev3 Team Summit!  Should be an awesome time.


Peas Out